Marika Salmi , a talented photographer is capturing the excitement and emotion of the European Pro Tour for the second consecutive season. Marika has been photographing disc golf since 2017 and her captivating images have helped to bring disc golf to a wider audience, highlighting the sport’s athleticism, skill, and passion. As the official photographer for the European Pro Tour, Marika has been an integral part of the tour, capturing the key moments and unforgettable memories. Her images have been featured on the tour’s social media accounts, the players social media accounts as well as in various disc golf publications and media outlets.

Marika’s love for photography is evident in her work. She has a keen eye for detail, and her images truly capture the essence of the sport. But it’s not just about the technical aspects of the sport for Marika. She’s also drawn to the emotional moments that happen on the course – the highs and lows, the elation and frustration. For her, capturing those moments is just as important as getting the perfect action shot. “I love photographing moments where you can feel the emotion through the image,” Marika explains.

The European Pro Tour is thrilled to continue their collaboration with Marika, recognizing the important role she plays in promoting the sport of disc golf. “Marika’s images truly capture the spirit of the sport and we are thrilled to have her behind the camera for the second season of the tour,” says Tour Director Mikko Wikman. Marika is excited to continue her work with the European Pro Tour, and is looking forward to capturing even more unforgettable moments in the coming season. “I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such amazing events and I can’t wait to see what this season has in store,” she says.

Here are some of Marika’s favorite images from the EPT 2022 season:

Marika’s reminder:
Despite the intensity of competition, Marika wants to remind players to enjoy themselves and smile for the camera. “I know that competition can be intense, but I always encourage players to have fun and enjoy the moment,” Marika says. 

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