Watch Pro Disc Golf

European Pro Tour has partnered up with best European media outlets and has a complete media coverage from all of its events including live broadcasts, condensed post-productions and wide still photography. 

  • All three competition rounds from all EPT events are live broadcasted to Disc Golf Stream with separate broadcasts from FPO division and MPO division following the entire division.
  • All EPT events feature a live Press Conference on the last day before competition rounds.
  • Post-produced shot-by-shot coverage from MPO and FPO feature/lead cards are produced by MDG Media.
  • Together with EPT events, Disc Golf Stream is providing live broadcasts from selected highlights events in Europe.

Live Streaming Schedule 

EPT 2023 #1 Copenhagen Open
Copenhagen, Denmark
5.-7. May 2023
EPT 2023 #2 Belgian Open
Brussels, Belgium
19.-21. May 2023
EPT 2023 #3 Estonian Open
Korvemaa, Estonia
2.-4. June 2023
EPT 2023 #4 Nokia Open
Nokia, Finland
9.-11. June 2023
EPT 2023 #5 Tyyni Open
Sipoo, Finland
30. June - 2. July 2023
EPT 2023 #6 Turku Open
Turku, Finland
13.-15. July 2023
EPT 2023 #7 Järva Open
Stockholm, Sweden
28.-30. July 2023
Finnish National Championships 2023*
Lahti, Finland
3.-6. August 2023
European Championships 2023
Tallinn, Estonia
16.-19. August 2023
EPT All-Stars 2023**
Fuengirola, Spain
27-29. October 2023

 *Finnish Nationals only with Finnish broadcasts. Post-productions also available in English.
**Subject to change

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