European Pro Tour partnership pool strengthens with the latest addition, Discraft Inc. from the US. Their footprint in the disc sport industry is remarkable in Disc Golf, Ultimate and Freestyle disc sports.

Wes ShinevarDiscraft Inc. representative comments the motives for this new area of partnership:

Discraft is happy to join on as a partner with the European Pro Tour for the 2023 season. They provide a quality platform for professionals to continue to pursue disc golf as a career. Through great coverage and great events, they are building a great Pro Tour for competitors and spectators alike.

Adding an influential brand to European Pro Tour partners is another step proofing the work that EPT is doing, and EPT CEO Juha Kytö is happy to sign the contract with the historical disc sports brand:

“Discraft has been part of professional disc golf as far as I can remember. Their current lineup of professional athletes is outstanding and it is clear that their mission is to build professional scene in Disc Golf. I am more than honored to get European Pro Tour to the same category as the biggest names in sport including great athletes, big events and professional tours. For us this partnership means much more than just their generous support towards our work. All the people at EPT and media teams are doing amazing work all year round and I am proud to see the development and recognition given.

Our paths with Discraft are now crossing in Europe, and we can start riding side-by-side and do great things here on the old continent.”

EPT CEO Juha Kytö opening the Tyyni Open 2022. Photo by EPT official photographer Marika Salmi.

About Discraft

Discraft founders were captivated by the flying disc craze of the 1970’s. To interact with a spinning disc and watch it fly is truly a beautiful thing. Their frustration at the time was over the quality of the discs that were available; flight patterns were inconsistent, distance potential was low, and the quality in general was poor. Those discs were manufactured to be toys, and they wanted high performance sports equipment to keep up with the increasing skills of the players. In 1978 Discraft was launched to serve disc sports athletes.

Persistent innovation, research, and development met with the highest quality standards and creative graphics has maintained Discraft as a strong leader across 2 major disc sports around the world. Discraft is a manufacture of Disc Golf, Ultimate and Freestyle discs, which are produced to the highest quality.