Latitude 64 progressively supports the European professional disc golf scene.

European Pro Tour and Latitude 64 extend their partnership for 2023. The contract includes Tyyni Title Partnership and EPT Tour Partnership for the whole season, providing EPT and Disc Golf Stream more resources than before to improve the tour experience and live streaming capability and quality. 


Johannes Högberg from Latitude 64° comments:

We are excited to continue our partnership with the European Pro Tour! With our collaboration with the EPT, we can expand the sport and support the EPT’s goal of providing platforms for disc golfers to demonstrate their talents in Europe. We are really looking forward to see the European disc golf scene evolve during 2023!


Team Latitude 64’s Lauri Lehtinen (Finland) celebrating the EPT Tyyni Open 2022 champion title 

EPT CEO Juha Kytö comments:

The extension of this partnership is not only a continuum to the partnership, but the deeper involvement of Latitude 64 helps EPT to build the platform for professional players in Europe. Latitude 64 continues as a title partner at Tyyni and makes the whole event possible together with expressing resources towards the entire Tour to make it all happen. I am thrilled to share more details about the improvements on the live broadcasts we are able to make this season.

I am looking forward to seeing what this season brings us and am excited for the future years as the professional side of the sport is starting to shape in Europe.

2022 World Champion Kristin Tattar (Estonia) and Silver Lätt (Estonia) are two of the high-profile players of Team Latitude 64. 


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