Get ready for the grand finale of the European Pro Tour, as the EPT Järva Open takes center stage tomorrow from July 28th to 30th, 2023. The legendary Järva DGP, still hailed as one of the world’s premier disc golf courses, is set to host the event, marking the final main EPT competition of the year. We’re beyond excited to bring big international disc golf action back to Stockholm, making Järva Open something you won’t want to miss!

Recognized as the esteemed “Park of the Year 2017” in the Elmia Awards, Järva offers a picturesque and inspiring setting for players and spectators. Despite recent construction-induced changes, Järva remains a gem in the disc golf world, promising stunning views, challenging gameplay, and a great experience. As the competition unfolds at Järva DGP, Bistro Järva has everyone covered with delicious food and drinks throughout the event, while the local Discgolf Shop will be stocked with a wide array of equipment. Spectators are invited to join in the excitement for all three days of the competition, with admission being completely free. In addition to watching the players, attendees can partake in disc golf-related activities in the vicinity of the course. From learning different tricks and throws to perfecting their putts, there’s plenty to experience and even prizes to win. For more information, head over to the tournament center, located conveniently in a tent near the course.

The MPO Field features big names including Kevin Jones 🇺🇸, Nestori Tuhkanen 🇫🇮, Kymen Modig 🇸🇪 and Håkan Kveseth 🇳🇴. Cameras follow where the action happens and there sure are interesting players out there like Isaac Robinson 🇺🇸, Leo Bonnamy 🇫🇷, Silver Lätt 🇪🇪, Alden Harris 🇺🇸, Luke Humphries 🇺🇸, and many more. Do we finally see the first US player to win an EPT event? Make sure to tune into Disc Golf Stream to experience it all live. Coverage begins at 15:20 🇸🇪 / 08:20AM 🇺🇸 Central.

The FPO field is packed with talent and on the Feature Card we have Sofie Björlycke 🇸🇪, Rachel Turton 🇬🇧, Katka Bodova 🇸🇰 and Tinja Väisänen 🇫🇮. Cameras are following the whole field and there are talents all over including Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste 🇪🇪, Olivia Kindstedt 🇫🇮, Matilda Ringbom 🇸🇪 and Elina Rydberg 🇸🇪. Make sure to tune into Disc Golf Stream to experience it all live. Coverage begins at 9:20 🇸🇪 / 02:20AM 🇺🇸 Central.

All three competition rounds will be broadcasted live on Disc Golf Stream, offering separate streams for the FPO and MPO divisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire competition. Stay tuned for a live press conference before the rounds kick off, and don’t miss the post-produced shot-by-shot coverage of the feature/lead cards in both the MPO and FPO divisions, crafted by MDG Media. The Final Rounds will be shown on the Disc Golf Stream YouTube channel for FREE!

The Course

Järva Disc Golf Park, a legendary course in Stockholm, belongs to the top 10 of the World’s Best Disc Golf Courses, ranking at #9 in 2023. Founded in 1995 on a reclaimed dump site, the park features a full 18-hole course and a 9-hole short course, making it accessible year-round. Known for its signature par 4 hole 12, Järva showcases sweeping fairways, wooded areas, and picturesque landscapes. Players laud the course for its strategic challenges and stunning aesthetics, solidifying its place as a disc golf gem globally.

Tour Standings

Recap of Turku Open:

At the EPT Turku Open, the players brought their A-game to Luolavuori DGP, showcasing skill and determination throughout the tournament. The competition was fierce, with each player vying for the top spot on the leaderboard and we even got to see our first ACE on Disc Golf Stream! In the end, Rachel Turton emerged as the champion in the FPO division with an impressive overall score of -3. Meanwhile, Jesse Nieminen dominated the MPO division, securing a remarkable victory with an overall score of -32. 

Follow The Event Online:

If you cannot make it to the course, you can easily follow the event live from Disc Golf Stream with huge upgrades compared to last year’s broadcasts. More cameras, infographics, and separate streams for both divisions mean a deeper dive into what is going on at the course. The final round live broadcast is streamed for free on Youtube and Disc Golf Stream.

If the live stream is not your thing, the best of European disc golf media are on the field capturing the best post-production, for free. MDG Media is handling both division’s lead cards. Just want to know who is winning? Follow the scoring live on UDisc Live!

Live Broadcasts:

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MPO and FPO Feature/Lead Cards:
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