The sun was shining, the gallery was buzzing, and the final day of the EPT Nokia Open delivered an exhilarating day of disc golf action. With heart-pounding moments and jaw-dropping highlights, it was a fitting climax to this thrilling tournament. The notorious Beast course lived up to its reputation, particularly on the treacherous hole 14, testing the players’ skills to the limit. Lauri Lehtinen and Heidi Laine took home the WINS with impressive perfromances.

In the MPO division, Mauri Villmann began the day in the lead, but the competition on the lead card was fierce. It was Lauri Lehtinen who found his rhythm and launched an impressive assault on the course. With focus and determination, he overtook Mauri and seized the lead. Maintaining his composure, Lauri held off the charging Daniel Davidsson until the final hole, ultimately securing the championship with an impressive total score of -19. Daniel claimed a well-deserved second place, tied with Mauri Villmann at -18. Notably, Niilo Hongisto delivered a great performance, finishing fourth with a total score of -17.

The FPO division witnessed a dominant performance by Heidi Laine, who displayed exceptional talent, unwavering focus, and sheer strength throughout the tournament. Heidi’s outstanding performance propelled her to a well-deserved victory, finishing with a commanding total score of +15. Olivia Kindstedt showcased great consistency and determination, securing a commendable second-place finish. The ever-entertaining Silva Saarinen brought her highlight-reel skills to the forefront, claiming a solid third-place finish with a total score of +24. Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste rounded off the top four with a solid performance and total score of +26.

This weekend surely showcased some of the most memorable highlights of the season with multiple Ace Runs, great putts and hige shots. As the players now enter their prime form, the competition is set to intensify at the upcoming Tyyni Open on June 30th to July 2nd. Make sure to tune in for more thrilling disc golf action!

All three competition rounds will be broadcasted live on Disc Golf Stream, offering separate streams for the FPO and MPO divisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire competition. Stay tuned for a live press conference before the rounds kick off, and don’t miss the post-produced shot-by-shot coverage of the feature/lead cards in both the MPO and FPO divisions, crafted by MDG Media. The Final Rounds will be shown on the Disc Golf Stream YouTube channel for FREE!

The Course:

The Nokia Open course is a disc golf enthusiast’s dream come true. Nestled within the scenic surroundings of Nokia Central Park, this challenging layout will push players to their limits and demand every ounce of their skills. While it shares similarities with the iconic European Open course, the Nokia Open course has its own unique twists and turns, designed to provide a fresh and exhilarating experience. With some holes dialing up the difficulty factor, players will need to bring their A-game and strategize their shots carefully. From tight fairways to strategic basket placements, this course has it all. 

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Friday, June 9th
8:00-16:00 – Tee times
Playing order FPO, MPO
22:00 Reservation for Midsummer One Round

Saturday, June 10th
8:00-16:00 – Tee times
Playing order FPO, MPO

Sunday, June 11th
8:00-16:00 – Tee times
Playing order FPO, MPO

Tour Standings:


1. Mauri Villmann 🇪🇪 276,5 points

2. Samuel Hänninen 🇫🇮 237 points

3. Miro Ryhänen 🇫🇮 190 points


1. Anneli Tougjas-Männiste 🇪🇪 225 points

2. Kaidi Allsalu 🇪🇪 155 points

3. Heidi Laine 🇫🇮 147,5  points

Recap of the Estonian Open:

The Estonian Open 2023 concluded with excitement and impressive performances from the players. Teele Toomsalu’s remarkable journey from qualifying just a few days prior to kick off and then taking victory in the FPO division captured the attention of disc golf enthusiasts worldwide, highlighting the importance of dedication and skill. Mauri Villmann took the victory in the MPO division with an impressive overall score of -32 and a 6 stroke lead to to Ville Ahokas. Mauri Villmann’s outstanding performance in the MPO division solidified his spot as one of the best in Europe. All in all, the vibes at the Estonian Open were great despite the cold weather and a large gallery of spectators showed up on all three days!

Follow The Event Online:

If you cannot make it to the course, you can easily follow the event live from Disc Golf Stream with huge upgrades compared to last year’s broadcasts. More cameras, infographics, and separate streams for both divisions mean a deeper dive into what is going on at the course. The final round live broadcast is streamed for free on Youtube and Disc Golf Stream.

If the live stream is not your thing, the best of European disc golf media are on the field capturing the best post-production, for free. MDG Media is handling both division’s lead cards. Just want to know who is winning? Follow the scoring live on UDisc Live!

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Photos by EPT Photographer Marika Salmi


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