Under a blanket of overcast skies and with temperatures hovering around a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius, the Turku Open kicked off in style. The players took on the surprisingly challenging Luolavuori Disc Golf Park, where precision was the key to success. As the day unfolded, it became clear that some players had cracked the code, just as Seppo Paju had hinted. Rachel Turton and Mikael Häme were among the select few who found their groove, with Rachel shooting an impressive -1 and Mikael an astonishing -14.

The morning was jump-started by the FPO cards, where Rachel Turton showed off her composure, maneuvering through the course with skill and securing the lead. Hot on her trail were Silva Saarinen and Olivia Kindstedt, both impressing with scores of +1 and displaying talent. This trio will be joined tomorrow by Tinja Väisänen, who wrapped up the day with a score of +2.

Meanwhile, the MPO division delivered plenty of excitement and highlights. The MPO Feature Card boasted big names like Väinö Mäkelä, Isaac Robinson, and Rasmus Saukkoriipi, but despite their valiant efforts, they missed out on the lead card. Instead, it was Mikael Häme who set the course ablaze, unleashing a bogey-free round of -14. Not to be outdone, Mauri Villmann regained his usual form, scorching the course with a stellar -12 and zero bogeys. Joining this duo on the lead card for the upcoming round will be Kristian Kuoksa and Otto Mäkinen, both with impressive scores of -11.

Buckle up for tomorrow’s moving day, as the competition intensifies and the stakes get higher. The Turku Open promises more thrills, surprises, and unforgettable disc golf moments. Be sure to stay tuned and witness the excitement firsthand by showing up to Luolavuori if you are in the area!

All three competition rounds will be broadcasted live on Disc Golf Stream, offering separate streams for the FPO and MPO divisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire competition. Stay tuned for a live press conference before the rounds kick off, and don’t miss the post-produced shot-by-shot coverage of the feature/lead cards in both the MPO and FPO divisions, crafted by MDG Media. The Final Rounds will be shown on the Disc Golf Stream YouTube channel for FREE!

The Course

Luolavuori Disc Golf Park is an 18-hole predominantly meadow-based course located near the center of Turku (modified in 2020). Covering an area of 19 hectares, the course features a variety of elevation changes. The occasional dense foliage provides challenges and adds variety to the open meadow fairways. The highest point of the course stands at 66 meters above sea level, offering stunning views overlooking Turku.

Tour Standings

Recap of Tyyni Open:

The Tyyni Open was an absolute blast, filled with great disc golf action and impressive scores. The weather was variable in traditional Tyyni fashion but that did not slow the players down. Rachel Turton showed off her skills and dominated the FPO division, finishing with a total score of -4! Heidi Laine also brought her A-game, securing second place with a solid score of -1. Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste, fought hard and clinched third place with a score of E. On the MPO side, Lauri Lehtinen was a force to be reckoned with, taking home the victory for the second year in a row at Tyyni. With a remarkable total score of -24, he showed why he’s a force in the disc golf world. Jesse Nieminen put up an incredible fight, finishing in a strong second place with a score of -21. Mikael Häme came in third place with a score of -20.

Follow The Event Online:

If you cannot make it to the course, you can easily follow the event live from Disc Golf Stream with huge upgrades compared to last year’s broadcasts. More cameras, infographics, and separate streams for both divisions mean a deeper dive into what is going on at the course. The final round live broadcast is streamed for free on Youtube and Disc Golf Stream.

If the live stream is not your thing, the best of European disc golf media are on the field capturing the best post-production, for free. MDG Media is handling both division’s lead cards. Just want to know who is winning? Follow the scoring live on UDisc Live!

Live Broadcasts:

Disc Golf Stream
Press Conference, Rounds 1, 2, and 3. Extras.

MPO and FPO Feature/Lead Cards:
MDG Media on Youtube