Get ready for the one and only 10th anniversary TYYNI with the EPT Tyyni Open taking place from 30th June to 2nd July! This year Tyyni will be split into two main parts the EPT Tyyni Open and Tyyni X. Together they will return as the biggest disc golf event in Europe with The EPT Tyyni Open kickstarting the event on Friday! The best of Europe will yet again take on the famous Sibbe Disc Golf course. Will the current EPT Tour Leaders Mauri Villmann and Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste be able to keep up their pace? Tune in on Disc Golf Stream or come and see the action take place live in Sipoo to find out!

What is Tyyni?

You can come and compete, visit Finland, meet your disc golf friends or maybe all of these combined. Tyyni is not just an competition, it is an experience! Tyyni was created in 2013 and in 2019, it reached new heights with over 950 players participating in the main event, making it the biggest disc golf event in Europe at that time. Now, in 2023, Tyyni is set to be even bigger and better, offering 13 days of disc golf experience for players and fans alike. The event features the EPT Tyyni Open, attracting top professional players, as well as Tyyni X, a special anniversary event for amateur, master, and junior divisions with spots available for over 850 players. Alongside the thrilling competition, participants can enjoy various side events, including one round C-tier events, a ladies’ event, mini disc golf, and even a beer and BBQ night. With a focus on creating a memorable experience, Tyyni ensures that every division, not just the pros, gets the superstar treatment with players’ favorite songs blasting from the speakers and their names announced on the tee-off. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet both old and new friends in the vibrant disc golf community. Get ready for an unforgettable time at Tyyni!

All three competition rounds will be broadcasted live on Disc Golf Stream, offering separate streams for the FPO and MPO divisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire competition. Stay tuned for a live press conference before the rounds kick off, and don’t miss the post-produced shot-by-shot coverage of the feature/lead cards in both the MPO and FPO divisions, crafted by MDG Media. The Final Rounds will be shown on the Disc Golf Stream YouTube channel for FREE!

The Course

The renowned Sibbe Disc Golf course in Sipoo, Finland, will yet again host the EPT Tyyni Open, offering players an exceptional playing experience. Surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes, Sibbe Disc Golf features expansive fairways, challenging wooded areas, varying elevations, and the famed monster par 5 hole. Hole 18 puts distance and precision to the test with a long shot over a lake! With its dynamic layout and challenges, Sibbe Disc Golf demands a versatile skill set, making it a beloved favorite among disc golfers worldwide.

Tour Standings

Recap of the Nokia Open:

The Nokia Open featured intense competition and impressive performances in sunny Nokia, Finland. Players faced the challenging modified Beast layout, testing their skills to the fullest. Lauri Lehtinen secured the MPO division title with a strong total score of -19. Daniel Davidsson and Mauri Villmann played well but were not quite able to beat Lauri, taking tied second place with a score of -18. In the FPO division, Heidi Laine showcased her talent and determination, claiming victory with a total score of +15. Olivia Kindstedt had a great weekend and took a well deserved second place shooting a total of +22. The Highlight Machine Silva Saarinen came in third with a total score of +24. 

Follow The Event Online:

If you cannot make it to the course, you can easily follow the event live from Disc Golf Stream with huge upgrades compared to last year’s broadcasts. More cameras, infographics, and separate streams for both divisions mean a deeper dive into what is going on at the course. The final round live broadcast is streamed for free on Youtube and Disc Golf Stream.

If the live stream is not your thing, the best of European disc golf media are on the field capturing the best post-production, for free. MDG Media is handling both division’s lead cards. Just want to know who is winning? Follow the scoring live on UDisc Live!

Live Broadcasts:

Disc Golf Stream
Press Conference, Rounds 1, 2, and 3. Extras.

MPO and FPO Feature/Lead Cards:
MDG Media on Youtube


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