While EPT is aiming to reach all the elite level professional players, we have gathered together various disc golf events for the EPT-X, for disc golfers of all levels. EPT-X is not a tour. It is a series of different events that have connections with European Pro Tour. These events are organized by the local organizations with the support from EPT organization. 


Preliminary schedule for EPT-X season. More events might be added during the season.

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PS. If you would like to have your event on this list or maybe on the EPT schedule in the future, you should definitely apply for being an EPT-X event. Learn more HERE.


EPT-X events can be divided to three categories. Each of these categories has their own profile and that’s makes EPT-X a series for everyone. Different kind of events for different kinds of players.

Category I – EPT candidates
The goal for European Pro Tour in the near future is to add a couple of quality events to schedule, and at the same spread the tour to cover more parts of Europe. Events in category I are candidates for being part of EPT in the near future.

  • High level, international events
  • Quality courses with good connections
  • Focusing on MPO/FPO, possible to add other divisions

Category II – Candidates for other tours
Another goal for EPT organization is to have several tours running in Europe. We want to create own tours for Masters, Amateurs and Juniors in the future. This of course requires a lot more events. These category II events are the potential ones for these tours.

  • High level, national events and/or traditional international events
  • Good courses with easy-to-get locations
  • Offering wide selection of divisions

Category III – Experience events
The original idea of NBDG-X (EPT-X predecessor) was the Experience. Smaller events gathering international players to smaller locations and offering more than disc golf to participants.

  • Experiences are more important than the competition
  • Smaller events, smaller courses – great feelings