European Pro Tour (EPT) is the elite level tour for professional players in Europe. In season 2023 the tour includes seven high quality events and a special All-Stars event as season closing event. Our goal is to offer European players possibility to tour in Europe and at the same time grow the sport continental wide. We have plans to expand the European Pro Tour in near future (2024/2025) with a couple of new events, spreading the tour more and more across Europe.

Another goal in the future is to have multiple tours running around Europe. Along European Pro Tour for top level professionals, we are planning own tours for Masters, Amateurs and Juniors. This vision requires a lot of new events, new destinations and new organizers. 

Experience events are something with the original NBDG-X idea. NBDG-X was the predecessor for EPT-X and its main idea was to offer experiences for players from all skill levels. These events has always been more than just a competition. Imagine playing in a PDGA competition and joining a wine yard visit in the evening. Or having a beach party under Spanish sun after your competition round. Maybe having a boat trip in Amsterdam channels…

All this is something EPT-X is planned for. Do you want your event to be part of EPT-X in 2023? Or 2024? (Application details in the end of the page)


The organization behind EPT is known for organizing several big events and top level tours. With the experience from events like Tyyni, Finnish Nationals, Fuengirola Open and hundreds of NBDG events, added with the experience from European Pro Tour and Prodigy Disc Pro Tour, we definitely have knowledge for organizing quality events. Our experience is one big thing we want to share forward to all EPT and EPT-X organizers.


  • Guidance with several platforms (Udisc, Metrix, Disc Golf Scene…)
  • Help with rules, sanctioning, registrations, procedures etc.
  • Online manuals and guides
  • Video meetings
  • Wide network of media crews, tournament staff, possible partners etc.
  • EPT All-Stars invitations to attract players


  • Own page with basic information and important links on EPT website
  • Posts and news on EPT social media channels
  • Event listed at EPT-X’s Disc Golf Scene page


All EPT-X events are organized by the local organization. The main idea is “You run your own tournament as a part of EPT-X”. You are able to choose divisions, entry fees, prizes, competition format etc. Of course there are some requirements based on the applied category, but the event can and will be your event.


    EPT-X is not a tour. It is a series of different events that have connections with European Pro Tour. Each event will be organized by the local organization with help from EPT organization.  

    Requirements for events and organizers are based on different levels. If you are applying to be part of EPT in the future, the requirements are set higher. If you are applying to be part of the other tours, the requirement level is lower. For the experience level events there are almost no requirements.

    Category I – EPT candidates

    • EVENT: High level international event (A-tier required)
    • ORGANIZATION: Experienced keystaff + enough volunteers
    • LOCATION: Bigger city, good connections
    • VENUE: Basic services, spectator areas, tournament center, parking spaces
    • COURSE: Challeging and well-maintaned quality course

    Category II – Other tour candidates

    • EVENT: High level national event or traditional international event (B-tier suggested)
    • ORGANIZATION: Experienced key staff
    • LOCATION: Easy-to-go location
    • VENUE: Basic services
    • COURSE: Good course

    Category III – Experience events

    • EVENT: No requirements
    • ORGANIZATION: PDGA requirements for TD
    • LOCATION: Unique location, attractions nearby
    • VENUE: No requirements
    • COURSE: PDGA requirements


    In case you need more information, don’t hesitate to take contact to Tour Director Mikko Wikman (


    If you are interested to be one part of the future in European disc golf scene, you should definitely send your application for being a candidate for EPT, a candidate for other related tours or an EPT supported experience event. 

    Since the EPT-X is not a tour and we creating something bigger, not only for 2023 but also for the following years, we don’t have any deadline for applications at this point. You can send your application now or you can do it later when you feel you and your event is ready to bid.

    Fill in your application: CLICK HERE