1. Tour structure

EPT-X consists of eight three-day events. Individual events might be added later by European Pro Tour organization’s decision.

EPT-X schedule 2022

  • 30.4.-2.5.2022 | EPT-X Welsh Open
  • 20.-22.5.2022 | EPT-X Arbopen
  • 10.-12.6.2022 | EPT-X Åland Open
  • 16.-18.6.2022 | EPT-X Petzen Open
  • 7.-9.7.2022 | EPT-X Tyyni
  • 8.-10.9.2022 | EPT-X Tuscany Open
  • 30.9.-2.10.2022 | EPT-X AMSterdam Challenge
  • 11.-13.11.2022 | EPT-X Fuengirola Open

Neither the EPT All-Stars event in Spain nor the events of European Pro Tour (EPT) are part of the EPT-X.

All dates and venues are decided by the European Pro Tour organization and local organizing crews. Any changes to schedule, dates or venues, must be recognized by the European Pro Tour organization.

2. Divisions 

Local organization may decide available divisions for their events. There are no requirements with divisions.

 It is suggested that every event offers MPO and FPO divisions due the invitations to EPT All-Star event. If MPO/FPO are not available, MA1/FA1 should be regarded as the highest divisions.

3. Player spots and wild cards

At least 120 spots must be available in each event. Local organization may decide the divisional share of the spots.

Six of the available spots are reserved for wild cards

  • Two wild cards for local organization
  • Two wild cards for European Pro Tour organization
  • Two wild cards for event main partner

All wild cards must be approved by the European Pro Tour tour manager.

4. Registration

Local organization may decide the detailed schedule for registration. It is suggested that registration opens at the latest three months before the event.

5. Tour points 

There is no tour point system on EPT-X.

6. Entry fees and prize pools

Suggested entry fee is 80 EUR in pro divisions and 60 EUR in amateur divisions. There might be some exceptions if there are i.ex. course fees or taxes added to the fee. 

Distribution of the entry fees (possible extra fees not included)

  • Event prize pool: 55 EUR in pro divisions
  • Event prize pool/player packs: 35 EUR in amateur divisions 
  • Local organization: 25 EUR 

TOP 30% in pro divisions will be awarded. 

7. General rules

EPT-X and it’s events are played according to the current PDGA rules. All events are organized as PDGA International B- or C-tier competitions. Refer PDGA International Guide. 

EPT-X adheres to anti-doping principles.

The use of all tobacco products (tobacco, cigars, pipe, snuff, chewing tobacco, e-tobacco) is prohibited in the tournament center and during the round from the 2 minutes notification until the return of the scorecard. 

Protests about the competition must be made within one day of the publication of the results of the competition. The protest must be submitted by email to Tour manager and event’s Tournament director. Incorrectly reported events results or tour points will be corrected. 

Event’s Tournament director has got the final decision-making power concerning competition related issues. European Pro Tour’s Tour Manager has got the decision-making power concerning tour related issues.

8. EPT All-Stars 

EPT All-Stars is a special event related to the European Pro Tour and EPT-X. There will be no open registration. All the spots are shared by the results of European Pro Tour and EPT-X events and special invitations by the European Pro Tour organization.

Spots to the EPT All-Stars event are shared from each EPT-X event:

  • MPO: TOP 2 + equal positions
  • FPO: Winner

If a player already has got a spot to EPT All-Stars event from another event, the spot will be moved to the next available position.

If MPO/FPO division is not played in EPT-X event, the spots are shared among the highest amateur division positions.

EPT All-Stars event has no entry fee. 

9. Commercial and media rights

European Pro Tour, Disc Golf Stream and Disc Golf Company Oy own the commercial and media rights for the EPT-X tour and it’s events. European Pro Tour and Disc Golf Stream are registered trademarks. 

Commercial rights include the main partnership, the exclusive right to sell at competition venues and advertising space. The organizers of the events can acquire their own partners, but these must be recognized by the European Pro Tour organization.  

Any use of media or transfer of media rights must be agreed separately by the European Pro Tour media manager.


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