Tyyni Open 2022 – the festival of disc golf

Tyyni came to an end last Saturday after an intense week of disc golf, played on 6 different courses near Sipoo, Finland. 

There have always been many winners at Tyyni and this year was no different with multiple champions in multiple divisions. Tyyni 2022 was a breath of fresh air after two years of misfortune and fortunately this year dozens of players from around the world were able to make it to Tyyni. We are sure that many new friends were made and lots of fun was had during the Tyyni week!

The main event took place from Thursday to Saturday but the whole week was packed with side events. During the week over 1000 players from 19 different nationalities played almost 4000 PDGA-rated rounds in 6 days but all eyes were on open divisions at Sibbe Disc Golf.




The MPO division was packed with talent and a fairly tight battle was had until the end with Lauri Lehtinen, Tuomas Hyytiäinen, Pyry Joutsen and Silver Lätt making their way to the lead card on day 3. The whole lead card showed us why they deserve to be on the top but Lauri Lehtinen played with unmatched consistency and confidence throughout the whole tournament. Lauri was on fire during the three rounds at Sibbe Disc Golf taking birdies on difficult holes and avoiding unnecessary mistakes. Eventually on day 3 after a spectacular performance, Lauri Lehtinen took home the MPO Championship with a confident 5 stroke lead to tied second place competitors Pyry Joutsen and Tuomas Hyytiäinen. Congratulations Lauri on a well deserved victory with an overall result of 26 under at Sibbe Disc Golf!



The FPO division was also packed with talent and different nationalities. Heidi Laine, Silva Saarinen, Elina Rydberg and Laura Posch battled their way to the lead card on day 3.

As expected, the FPO division did not lack excitement with incredible moments like a near ace by Heidi Laine on hole 8. Silva Saarinen and Heidi Laine had an exciting battle all the way to the final hole.

Heidi Laine put her powerful drives to good use on hole 18 and took home the FPO victory, beating Silva Saarinen by one stroke. Heidi Laine shot an overall result of 8 over and Silva Saarinen was a close second, shooting 9 over at Sibbe Disc Golf.

Elina Rydberg finished third with a great performance and Rachel Turton and Laura Posch tied fourth place. Heidi Laine played very well during the whole tournament and the win was well deserved.

Congratulations Heidi on a fantastic performance!

We hope to see all of you at Tyyni 2023 next year.