The European Pro Tour is happy to announce another great Tour Partner – DiscCounter – The Disc Golf Visitor Counter

Since Disc Golf is mostly free to play, there is no easy way to know how many people have played on each course. Until now.


DiscCounter solution turns the normal Disc Golf basket into an epic smart basket. DiscCounter has some game-changing features like a visitor counter and online cloud reporting.


The first live data project in The World for Disc Golf was Åland Disc Golf Island project which started under pandemic 2020.

“It has been of enormous value for us to be able to show the number of rounds played on Åland Disc Golf courses partly for sponsors but also the community that supported the project”, says Mats Adamczak, Founding Partner of DiscCounter, Data Analyst, and the man behind Åland Disc Golf Island project.


“From the first moment that it became clear that Åland would invest in using Disc Golf as an engine in a completely new tourism venture, statistics and data have been extremely important. In the beginning to show the expansion of Disc Golf in the world especially in the pandemic to get the starting capital, but then incredibly important to prove how much the courses are actually played, when there are no comprehensive statistics today on the free courses.” Adamczak continues.


Data-driven decision-making requires making decisions that are backed up by hard data rather than making decisions that are only based on feeling and observation.


“It is important to show the benefits of the investment on the basis of real data. In today’s data-driven market one cannot afford to guess. Data from DiscCounter solution can be also used to grow the sport, example in decision making to show the need of new Disc Golf courses”, says Mikko Tanska, Founding Partner of DiscCounter.

DiscCounter is perfect solution for all course owners around the world who want help to take Disc Golf forward with the help of hard data.


“It feels honoring and very natural to be part of the joint journey that the European Pro Tour is making in Europe”, Tanska continue.


Juha Kytö, EPT CEO and founder of Sibbe Disc Golf – one of the best courses in Finland comments:  “We have been using regular counter visitors in Sibbe course for few years now and seen the benefits of having exact data of the players on the course. Now that the technology evolves for even better we expect to see these products in courses all over the world. The live data of how busy the course is crucial to all free-to-play courses that usually are growded. With realtime data you can check how busy the course is right now.”

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