Paul McBeth Foundation growing the sport on all over the world – together with all of us.

Most disc golfers are very aware of who Paul McBeth is and what he has done on disc golf courses over the last 15+ years. They may not know as much about his passion for bringing the joys and benefits of disc golf to as many new people as possible. Paul is where he is today because disc golf was available to him in a setting that typically would not have had accessible disc golf courses. Paul would like to see future generations in similar areas have a chance to learn life lessons and experience the joy and community that playing disc golf affords. The Paul McBeth Foundation is Paul’s vehicle to make this happen!


European Pro Tour and Paul McBeth Foundation are starting a partnership during the season 2023, aiming to deepen it in the future. EPT will help PMF to gain funding for new projects, like the new course in Madrid, which was launched summer 2023, and share the knowledge of what the PMF is doing.


EPT CEO Juha Kytö opens up the partnership details:

“I was fortunate to meet Paul and the foundation ambassadors at the Estonian Open this year. I, of course, know exactly who Paul is today but after getting to know his history and what the foundation is doing with great results, I wanted to make sure they get all the help available. PMF is not only growing the sport of disc golf but truly making the world a better place, which has been our company’s (NBDG) mission for over 10 years.


I come from a difficult childhood and have personal experience with the importance of finding a good hobby and sport to fill the youngster’s mind. Without proper things to spend time on, it is easy to drift in the wrong direction and make terrible decisions. Disc golf keeps people happy and on the correct fairway.

Even individuals can help PMF fulfill their mission by joining as PMF Builders Club or if you have an entity who can be involved deeper and want to grow disc golf and spread the fun and love of disc golf, I recommend being in contact with them. 

We start the partnership this year by hosting a charity event “Play with the Champs Showcase” during the EPT Järva Open week. We got great support from Prodigy Disc and their fantastic players to be available for a fun doubles tournament where everyone has a possibility to play with a champ. I am happy to see what MDG Media can film and produce out of the event where Isaac Robinson, Alden Harris, Kevin Jones and Ezra Robinson is playing. Not forgetting Seppo Paju who is the MC & Host of the event.

You can find more details about the first EPT & PMF Charity event on Disc Golf Scene.


Dustin Leatherman, the Executive Director of PMF shares his thoughts about taking steps towards Europe:

“The Paul McBeth Foundation is thrilled to add the European Pro Tour as a new partner in Europe.  Last year we had the opportunity to install the first course in Montenegro, and earlier this year the first course in Madrid.  The support of the European Pro Tour will go a very long way in helping us continue to fulfill our mission in Europe and beyond!”


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