Get a grip of the European Pro Tour with Whale Sacs


Whale Sacs produces handmade whale shaped bags designed to dry disc golfer’s hands before their throws and now they are joining the European Pro Tour.

Being a part of the growth of disc golf is a no-brainer for Whale Sacs. Being a disc golfer comes with such an incredible community and also teaches a person so much about themselves.  Being able to help introduce others to the sport that we all love is a huge perk of being a company in the disc golf industry.  We know that starting disc golf can often change people’s lives for the better, we are so thankful to be able to have a hand in that.


“Proper grip from the disc is crucial for every disc golfer”, Tina Oakley – The founder of the Whale Sacs


What is a Whale Sac? 

A Whale Sac is a tie-on, whale-shaped grip bag that is designed to dry your wet/sweaty hands during activities and sports that require hand and finger grip. The tail will tie to your bag, belt loop, etc. for easy access. Grab a sac and roll it in your hands, between fingers, you also can rub onto your disc, equipment, etc. Filling: clay based stone/powder – non-rosin, cleaner than chalk. Comes in multiple fabrics/patterns.

Why did Whale Sacs decide to join the European Pro Tour? 

Well for starters, Tina LOVES Europe! We have received many requests and emails and even messages from friends across the pond for Whale Sacs.  It is still amazing that our Whales migrated so far to begin with but after visiting a few European countries and making connections, we realized how much love there was for our little Whales and we have since made an effort to work with more european and world wide disc golf stores.  Seeing the sport grow in Europe also means more opportunities for the pro players to travel to events abroad, something we love to see for our professionals.

The Founder of Whale Sacs is a passionate disc golfer.


What is the origin story of Whale Sacs?

Whale Sacs was actually born from bowling!  A very small hobby of Tina’s in the early days, she knew they used a type of hand drying bag.  Once she discovered disc golf in the very humid summers of Wisconsin, she searched for a solution to keep good grip.  Finding a clay based product that was used in bowling, and having the skill of sewing taught by her grandmother, she made her first “whale sac” with a blue and red design featuring whales in little sailor hats.  The original “prototype” (though she of course did not know she had a business yet) had 2 pieces that allowed her to tie the sack to her disc golf bag.  It wasn’t until a few years later when Tina was introduced to competitive disc golf in Portland, OR that the Whale Sacs that we know today were shaped. Starting in 2014 she created the first actual Whale Sac and many many many more since.  As the sport continued to grow and Tina was able to tour playing disc golf, the brand grew alongside her tour with the help of many touring professionals – including her, now husband, Eric Oakley.

Whale Sacs is continually making efforts to stay eco-friendly. We are always researching new data to make sure we are being kind to the environment. Disc golf is an outdoor sport, without nature being preserved, we would have only parking lots to play in, and that is NOT what we want.  We have partnered with a California based non-profit Save the Whales and donate 3% of our profits to their efforts protecting and researching the survival of Whales.



Whale Sacs