Prodiscus and Nokia Open JOINING EUROPEAN PRO TOUR 2023

One of the oldest disc manufacturers, Prodiscus partnering up with the European Pro Tour for season 2023. Prodiscus’s flagship event, Nokia Open, played annually on legendary The Beast, will be one of the European Pro Tour season 2023 stops.

Photos from the 2020 Nokia Open by Joonas Selin

Kai Vesa, founder, and CEO of Prodiscus, comments on the new partnership:
“We are thrilled to join EPT as a Prodiscus brand and with Nokia Open as a tour stop.

EPT has started a movement to build the professional disc golf scene in Europe and has proven to be a well-working concept. We at Prodiscus love disc golf, and have been a major supporter of the sport since the start of 2006 and together with the EPT,  Prodiscus can directly focus on taking the next steps in professional disc golf in Europe.

EPT solely focuses on elite-level players and events, and Nokia Open will fit this concept perfectly. The help Prodiscus and Nokia Open organizing crew gets from EPT will also take the event to the next level and even more attractive for the players and fans than ever before.”

Kai Vesa, founder and CEO of Prodiscus and Nokia Open head organizer. Photo by Joonas Selin

EPT CEO Juha Kytö sees this partnership as a solid step towards what EPT is working for:
“Our mission is to create a platform for professional disc golfers to practice their profession full-time in Europe. Our key elements are all tour stops on elite-level in venues where players wish to play with, providing both live broadcasts and post-production topped with a variety of side-productions and media that highlights the players and offers content for the fans.

Nokia Open is 100% match to EPT stops and venues with legendary and one of the most wanted courses by elite-level players. Our organization can help the event’s local organizing committee by bringing more resources to the table but also bring the professionalism and experience, which is already remarkable in this event, to the next level.

Nokia Open is also one of the most followed events in Europe, and we at EPT and Disc Golf Stream are happy to bring all of our media resources there, from live-production to professional still photography.”

EPT CEO Juha Kytö at the Turku Open Press Conference. Photo by EPT official photographer Marika Salmi.

About Prodiscus
Prodiscus – Pro Discs For Sport

Prodiscus is the first Finnish disc golf brand and manufacturer that produces all it’s discs in Finland. Prodiscus started in 2006 as a disc golf product importer. Prodiscus’ founder Kai Vesa decided that he will create and develop own line-up of discs and accessories for the disc golf community. Since starting, Prodiscus has provided high quality discs, bags and equipment to the players. They are known for their high-quality products worldwide.

Prodiscus is in a phase of fast growth and they will serve the community by creating new awesome molds and develop our product line-up. They have full line-up of discs and are constantly improving the selection to give the players more variety where to choose from.

Prodiscus believes in providing high quality products to professionals and amateurs alike – straight from Finland.

Prodiscus isn’t just a regular company. They love disc golf and it can be seen in their actions towards the community. They are a major supporter of the sport by providing the best equipment, organizing education, events and clinics for the new players and supporting numerous up-and-coming players to reach their highest potential. In addition, Prodiscus thinks that it is an important matter to serve the disc golf community and to spread the disc golf spirit. First of all, they want every disc golfer to enjoy disc golf with their products and they want to help the disc golf grow.