Disc Golf Stream is looking for English commentary team for Disc Golf live broadcasts to season 2022.

Disc Golf Stream (DGS) is a new live streaming (OTT) service focusing on delivering the top professional disc golf events from Europe to the eyes of the fans at home. DGS has successfully broadcasted two events last year in Finnish but in the following season the main language will be English.

Our broadcasting studio is located in Finland (Söderkulla, Sipoo close to capital Helsinki). The commentary is planned to be done in the studio but the remote commentary is not left out at this point.

Finnish commentary team preparing for the broadcast during Finnish Nationals 2021. 

We want to offer a professional sports commentary as we broadcast the highest professional level of events with professional athletes at work. Our audience expects to watch professional sports and commentary is in a key role in how it looks and feels and walks hand in hand with the high level of visuals we are offering.

We look for 1 professional sports commentator and 1 sports expert (eg retired pro disc golfer). 

You can apply alone for one of the positions or if (preferred) you are a duo that might handle the job together you can send a bound application.

Must have abilities and skills:

  • Knowledge of the sport, the players that are playing and venues.
  • The ability to quickly summarize what’s happening during the round.
    • Also outside of the main focused group.
  • Ability to improvise and be creative when having issues on the broadcast.
  • Fluent spoken English with clear voice.
  • Ability to handle high pressure situations.
  • Ability to do commentary remotely where you are located.

Good to have abilities and skills:

  • The ability to do commentary on the studio in Finland (Söderkulla, Sipoo).
  • The natural ability to perform in front of camera.
  • The ability to banter (professionally) with your on-air colleagues.
  • Knowledge of how the live broadcasting works.
  • Basic understanding of technical equipment regarding studio audio.

Understanding of the technical audio equipment is a huge pro but not necessary

Technical Director and Replay Engineer working

Current live stream schedule (=work days). Subject to change.

Streaming hours will be each day between 12:00 and 20:00 Finnish time (GMT +3 during summer)

  • 22.-24.4. EPT Copenhagen Open, Denmark
  • 6.-8.5. PDPT Helsinki, Finland
  • 27.-29.5. PDPT Heinola, Finland
  • 10.-12.6. PDPT Oulu, Finland
  • 17.-19.6. EPT Järva Open, Sweden
  • 7.-9.7. EPT Tyyni Open, Finland
  • 28.-30.7. EPT Estonian Open, Estonia
  • 12.-14.8. EPT Turku Open, Finland
  • 26.-28.8, PDPT Kuopio, Finland
  • 16.-18.9. PDPT Tampere, Finland
  • 17.-19.11. EPT All-Stars Mijas, Spain

Optional productions

There are multiple options for more productions around European Pro Tour including podcasts, interviews, documentaries, etc to produce with our in-house media team and/or with our media partners. 

All productions outside of listed live broadcasts will be done if a suitable team is found and interested in producing more content for EPT. 

In your application, let us know if you have more interests than just doing live commentary.

Other information

Salary/Reward is preferred to be invoiced by a freelancer, direct hiring as an employee is an option if invoicing is not possible.

The agreement is done between NBDG (Alarauta Oy producing the DGS media) and the freelancer.

Are you comfortable being on the big screen? Prepare to be in front of camera too!

How to apply?

Before sending an application, prepare to record a sample clip of your commentary. Either alone or if you have partner you are applying with.

For this taste of your commentary, use the following clip from Tyyni 2021 final round, final hole (link below). This is a testing broadcast from past summer with limited graphics and no commentary. This type of multicamera feed is what to expect on this years projects.

The example material:


Uploaded audio should be in MP3 format and as downloadable link (do not send files in email).

If you have proper equipment and knowledge, cut the commentary to fit the video and you can even add it to it directly and send an h264 video file for more convenient review. 

If you do not have “professional microphones” available, use what you have. Focus on the material. We are mainly looking for professional commentary team and not technical engineers.

Send your application, resume and a taste of your commentary to DGS Media Manager Juha Kytö (juha@nbdg.fi) with CC to Jussi Koivunen (jussi.koivunen@nbdg.fi) and Mikko Wikman (mike@nbdg.fi).

Add a salary request (per round) to your application.

For more information about the position:

Disc Golf Stream CEO and Media Manager

Juha Kytö juha@nbdg.fi

We are happy to tell you more by email. Please, do not send messages by any other way.

Job is filled immediatly when fitting commentary team is found.