Introducing the European Pro Tour launch partnership with the biggest disc golf store in Europe – Powergrip.


Since the launch in 2009 at Oulu, Finland, Powergrip has grown to be the biggest disc golf store in Europe with four brick & mortar stores in Finland and webstore with worldwide delivery. Powergrip is known of supporting the disc golf community in many ways and is now an official Tour Partner of European Pro Tour.


CEO of Powergrip Erno Väyrynen:

Sponsoring the European Pro Tour is our investment to support disc golf in Europe. European disc golf deserves more coverage.

We have been heavily involved in the disc golf scene of Finland and we have seen how important a role disc golf videos play in the growth.

We’re confident the EPT will give a boost to the development of the sport all over Europe.

Powergrip Tampere is one of Powergrip’s currently four stores in Finland. The fifth store will be opened in Kuopio in early 2022.

EPT CEO Juha Kytö comments:
We all at EPT are happy to receive support from Powergrip for our work. EPT is a common project for the whole disc golf industry and Powergrip is known to help disc golf grow in Finland, Europe, and worldwide. Together with Powergrip, we can achieve some Pretty Good things in the professional disc golf scene not only through more media coverage but also through higher-profile events.


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