Introducing another launch partnership of EPT, UDisc scoring service and app.

Matt Krueger, one of the founders of UDisc comments on the partnership:

UDisc is excited to be an original partner with the EPT and bring its premier live scoring and statistics platform to the biggest events in Europe. Disc golf is growing quickly around the world and the EPT will be a catalyst for the professional side of the sport, bringing bigger payouts, top tier venues, and live coverage to showcase the best talent in Europe. We can’t wait to watch the next superstars emerge and hope fans will join us along the way!

Checking the distance and hole map from UDisc. Väinö Mäkelä and Kristo Raik @ Tyyni 2021 Photo: Marika Salmi

EPT CEO and Media Manager Juha Kytö comments:
UDisc is familiar for all disc golf fans from big events in the US for their marvelous live scoring and mindblowing statistics. It’s time to bring these to European events too and also to grow the knowledge of the UDisc app for everyday disc golfers on their own course.

UDisc helps EPT a lot with their outstanding service and ability to build real-time graphics for us to not only in live streams but also helping to create high-quality post-production by speeding up the editing times.

During those couple of live streams we did last year we had some technical limitations on our end but those are tackled away and you can expect to see TONS of different real-time scores and statistics on Disc Golf Stream. 

For every casual disc golfers UDisc is a must-to-use service. If you are not already using UDisc to keep your scores, find new courses and measure the distance of your shots, you should download it now. It’s free!

Marking and checking the scores on UDisc app during Prodigy Disc Pro Tour at Turku 2021. Photo: Marika Salmi

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