Powergrip’s commitment to develop the professional disc golf scene in Europe

European Pro Tour and Powergrip announce a landmark multi-year partnership extension to grow and develop Europe’s professional disc golf scene. Powergrip is committed to supporting the sport and professional players, and this collaboration with European Pro Tour is a landmark on the way to building the European Pro Tour.

Powergrip is European Pro Tour Official Retail Partner as part of this partnership. Shortly, fans and players alike can find EPT-related merchandise for sale on the Powergrip website, at all European Pro Tour events, and at EPT Outlet on selected Powergrip stores. Furthermore, a special EPT Fan Box will be released exclusively on Powergrip, providing fans an exciting surprise and value for money.


CEO of Powergrip Erno Väyrynen:

”Disc Golf Pro Tour is a well-produced tour that is a pleasure to watch also at home. Its impact on the sport is significant. We want to support similar development also in Europe, which is why we partnered up with the European Pro Tour. Stay tuned for the EPT Fan Box!”

Powergrip also supports professional players individually and Team Powergrip consists of highly notable names like Simon Lizotte, Väinö Mäkelä, Nate Sexton, Eveliina Salonen and many more.

Väinö Mäkelä is one of the most recognized faces of Powergrip. Picture: Väinö Mäkelä’s Instagram


EPT CEO Juha Kytö comments:

We all at EPT are excited of the progressive support from Powergrip. EPT is a common project for the whole disc golf industry. The multi-year partnership is a sign of significant steps that need a long-term commitment from the Tour itself and its Tour Partners. Taking the partnership to the next level with Official Retail Partner status, Powergrip can implement more interesting merchandise for the fans and support the professional players. As a biggest disc golf retail shop in Europe, they know what they are doing.

With this partnership taking place, we can also now make a few notable changes to Disc Golf Stream live broadcasts so you have the best experience at home watching the professionals play. EPT merchandise will step up with Powergrips wide customer base and ability to do special releases. When the EPT Fan Box drops, you do not want to miss that!


Get to know Powergrip

Since its launch in 2009 in Oulu, Finland, Powergrip has grown to be the biggest disc golf store in Europe, with five brick & mortar stores in Finland and webstore with worldwide delivery. 2023 Powergrip has its US website running with its first brick & mortar store in Northern America.

Powergrip is known for supporting the disc golf community in many ways and started as an official Tour Partner of the European Pro Tour since the founding days of the EPT.