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Evenings are getting darker, temperatures are dropping, it rains more often... Yep, the autumn has arrived to Europe, at least to the Northern part of it. Getting this disc golf season to be finalized in much better weather conditions, it is definitely time to check...

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EPT – Watch the pro’s play

The European Pro Tour is the new standard for highest level of disc golf events in Europe. EPT is made for professional disc golfers and their fans and you know what to expect when watching an EPT event.

The best venues, best players and wide media coverage from live broadcasts to press conferences and extra materials highlighting the players on tour. 

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Time to watch it live – anywhere

The Disc Golf Stream is the first European LIVE network for disc golf covering all European Pro Tour events and the most interesting disc golf events in Europe.

The Disc Golf Stream shows you LIVE as the best players compete in Europe’s best courses and events. Separate broadcasts from the Women’s division and Open division have their own broadcasts so you can closely follow your favorite players.

All EPT events feature a post-produced shot-by-shot coverage from MDG Media which will be released the following day.

pioneers of disc golf events and media

the staff behind EPT and DGS

The European Pro Tour and the professional teams and organizers behind it, is brought together by the well-known Finnish Disc Golf company, NBDG.

NBDG’s vision is to fulfill dreams; employ people in the disc golf industry and offer the best disc golf experiences on the course and off the course.

NBDG is the most merited disc golf event organizer in Europe with over 200 events annually from small weekly leagues to the biggest disc golf event in Europe.  Assisting NBDG at the European Pro Tour we have all the core staff from Prodigy Disc Pro Tour from past 4 years.

EPT was formed to standardize the elite level events in Europe. EPT status in events name equals quality.

Overall, the best European Tournament Directors, Event Organizers and Media Producers work together to provide the unforgettable EPT experience. For you as a player or a fan.

Mikko Wikman, Tour Director
Juha Kytö, CEO & Media Manager

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