European Pro Tour announcing partnership extension with UDisc, the leading app for disc golfers.

Matt Krueger, one of the founders of UDisc comments on the extended contract:

The UDisc team is excited to be partnering with the European Pro Tour for another season of top-notch events. Juha, Mikko, and everyone on their crew have proven they can produce great tournaments and a great broadcast, and their dedication to growing disc golf in Europe is evident in everything they do. With fantastic courses like Järva and player-focused experiences like Tyyni, we can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

UDisc is important tool for the organizers. TD Tarmo Laiksoo and Tour Director Mikko Wikman following the flow of the play @ Estonian Open 2022 Photo: Marika Salmi


EPT CEO and Media Manager Juha Kytö comments:

As our [Disc Golf Stream] broadcasts have been improving event-by-event it is good to have partners with us who can serve the needs of disc golf fans. With all the investments in studio equipment and staff behind the screens we can more fully show what UDisc really can deliver from the events and in real time.

Working with UDisc does not only benefit the viewers who can speculate with the stats and follow the events live but also give important details for the players on how they performed.

With the experience we have working with UDisc, I cannot wait what they bring up with their new features on UDisc Events!

For every casual disc golfers UDisc is a must-to-use service. If you are not already using UDisc to keep your scores, find new courses and measure the distance of your shots, you should download it now. It’s free!

Disc Golf Stream will display even more detailed statistics and overviews of current status of the play during the live broadcasts 2023.

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