The highly anticipated EPT Estonian Open returns to the picturesque Kōrvemaa Hike & Ski Resort in Aegviidu, Estonia this weekend June 2nd-4th. As one of the finest disc golf events in Europe, this tournament brings together some of the world’s best disc golfers, competing for a substantial prize pool and the prestigious title. The Estonian Open 2023 marks the eighth edition of this event in Estonia and the second time it is part of the European Pro Tour. Did you know that 50% of Estonia is covered in woods? It’s no wonder that the country has embraced disc golf as the fastest-growing sport.

Located just 60km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, the Kōrvemaa Hike & Ski Resort provides a breathtaking backdrop for the competition. Nestled amidst stunning natural surroundings, the tournament center offers an array of free-time activities for everyone, making it the perfect opportunity to bring your family along.The competition course, featuring a beautiful wooded landscape, presents a thrilling challenge for participants. With 18 holes, this course will test the skills and strategy of the players, promising a captivating display of disc golf prowess. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event and join us as the European Pro Tours continue to propel disc golf to new heights.

All three competition rounds will be broadcasted live on Disc Golf Stream, offering separate streams for the FPO and MPO divisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire competition. Stay tuned for a live press conference before the rounds kick off, and don’t miss the post-produced shot-by-shot coverage of the feature/lead cards in both the MPO and FPO divisions, crafted by MDG Media. The Final Rounds will be shown on the Disc Golf Stream YouTube channel for FREE!

The Course:

The Estonian Open 2023 is scheduled to be held at the beautiful Kōrvemaa Hike & Ski Resort in Aegviidu, Estonia. The course features beautiful wooded holes in a challenging landscape, hole number 18 is thrown over a pond (Caddy Map from here). Situated just 60km away from Tallinn, the country’s capital, this scenic venue promises a memorable experience. In addition to the thrilling tournament, the resort provides a wide range of free-time activities suitable for all ages. So, seize the opportunity and bring your family along for an unforgettable time!

Tour Standings:


Tour standings are tight after two events. The top 3 are only a few points from each other. Will the Estonians run away for the lead at their home event Estonian Open this week?

Current Top 3:
1. Mauri Villman 🇪🇪 176,5 points
2. Samuel Hänninen 🇫🇮 162 points
3. Silver Lätt 🇪🇪 151,5 points


Women’s leaderboard is filled with Estonians after two events. Will the situation change after this week’s Estonian Open, or will there be even more blue-black-white flags on top?

Current Top 3:
1. Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste 🇪🇪 150 points
2. Heidi Laine 🇫🇮 147,5 points
3. Kaidi Allsalu 🇪🇪 100 points

The Schedule:


Friday, 02 June, 2023

8:30 – 15:30 Tee times for 1st round, 18 holes.

Staggered starts. Players must check in 30 minutes before their round at the starting tee. Randomly generated groups within divisions.

Saturday, 03 June, 2023

8:30 – 15:30 Tee times for 2nd round, 18 holes.

Staggered starts. Players must check in 10 minutes before their round at the starting tee. Score based groups within a division. FPO division will start first, followed by MPO.

Sunday, 04 June, 2023

8:30 – 15:30 Tee times for 3rd round, 18 holes.

Staggered starts. Players must check in 10 minutes before their round at the starting tee. Score based groups within a division. FPO division will start first, followed by MPO.

~19:00 Award ceremony

Recap of the Belgian Open:

The Belgian Open concluded with thrilling performances that left fans buzzing with excitement. Heidi Laine emerged as the FPO champion with a total score of +5, displaying impressive power and determination. In the MPO division, Teemu Talikainen dominated the competition with exceptional putting and skill, finishing with an impressive total score of -26. Ville Ahokas and Rasmus Saukkoriipi shared second place with -20, while Miro Ryhänen claimed fourth with a score of -19.

Follow The Event Online:

If you cannot make it to the course, you can easily follow the event live from Disc Golf Stream with huge upgrades compared to last year’s broadcasts. More cameras, infographics, and separate streams for both divisions mean a deeper dive into what is going on at the course. The final round live broadcast is streamed for free on Youtube and Disc Golf Stream.

If the live stream is not your thing, the best of European disc golf media are on the field capturing the best post-production, for free. MDG Media is handling both division’s lead cards. Just want to know who is winning? Follow the scoring live on UDisc Live!

Live Broadcasts:

Disc Golf Stream
Press Conference, Rounds 1, 2, and 3. Extras.

MPO and FPO Feature/Lead Cards:
MDG Media on Youtube