Building the future

As you might already know, European Pro Tour is an elite level tour for professional disc golfers in Europe. This tour for professional players in Europe is set high on our priority list, but that is not all. European Pro Tour is planned and created with bigger plans for the future.

  1. Expansion of European Pro Tour
    In the near future (2024/2025) European Pro Tour schedule will include 10-12 events, covering the most parts of disc golfing Europe. Our goal is to have the best European events and venues on the same tour
  2. Tours for Masters, Amateurs and Juniors
    Another goal for the future is run multiple tours across Europe. While EPT is made for top MPO and FPO players, we are planning own tours Masters, Amateurs and Juniors. 
  3. Don’t forget casual players
    Create experiences for disc golfers of all levels

All these things combined = We are searching for events to join EPT-X in 2023.

How to apply?

Basic information can be found under EPT-X tab (LINK).

For more information contact EPT Tour Director Mikko Wikman (