Disc Golf Company (European Pro Tour) is the media rights holder and owner of the European Pro Tour and its events (EPT and EPT-X).

All persons or entities requesting access to these events must be accredited by the EPT. Different types of credentials and how to obtain them are outlined below.



Commercial use media is defined as any content directly monetized and/or promotes a brand, business, product, or service.

Commercial use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any photo or video captured or used for monetized public social media accounts and/or accounts using or capturing media to promote affiliate links external to the EPT.
  • Any photo or video captured or used for privately monetized/paywalled accounts or services.
  • Any photo or video captured or used to promote a third party’s commercial interests.

If you wish to use any photo, video, or audio obtained at the event for commercial use, please reach out to media@europeanprotour.com with an inquiry and detailed information about your distribution plan. EPT reserves the right to approve or deny any credential requests or charge a fee for commercial media access. Approved rights include the obligation to share the footage to EPT and allow EPT to use and distribute it commercially. 

These regulations are required to protect our relationships with and the interests of our partners who have existing media rights and partnerships with the EPT and to protect against unintended co-opting of the individual brands of the athletes competing on the EPT.

Commercial requests must be received seven days before the start of the event.  


EPT welcomes independent editorial media to attend its events and provides editorial-use exemptions from fees associated with capturing or using professional media related to our events.

Editorial use includes, but is not limited to:

  • TV news crews
  • Newspapers
  • News media websites
  • Podcasts

Video channels are used for interviewing and/or highlighting tournaments so long as any extrinsic sponsorship of the channel itself does not purport to associate with EPT or its events, The EPT athletes, staff, or volunteers, and so long as the content captured or used by the channel is not directly used to promote commercial interests of a third party.

Editorial outlets may be granted credentialed access to tournament play and access to interview zones at the tournament center, including the Press Conference on the last practice day before the tournament. 

If you wish to use any photo, video, or audio obtained at the event for editorial use, you must reach out to media@europeanprotour.com. The EPT reserves the right to approve or deny any credential requests. Approved rights include the obligation to share the footage to EPT and allow EPT to use and distribute it commercially. 

Your credential requests must be received no later than 48 hours before the event’s start and is not valid until you get a confirmation from the EPT staff.


EPT is all about fans, you. We encourage you to share videos, images, and audio from EPT events to personal pages and social media accounts e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. You are free to capture the event with your cell phone, and you do not need to be accredited to create content for personal pages. 

Please tag the EPT in your posts with @europeanprotour  to be featured, and we can share your tournament experience. Use hashtags  #ept2022, #europeanprotour to be included in the EPT streams, and other fans to find your memories.

Before polishing your cell phones camera lens, please go through these guidelines regarding Personal Use of media:

Livestreams are not allowed in any case. All live streams and broadcasts require Commercial or Editorial Media accreditation.

You may not directly monetize any media through paywalls or advertisements, nor use it to promote a brand, business, product, or service. e.g., If you have a monetized Youtube vlog, you might fall into the commercial media category. If unsure, do not hesitate to contact us: media@europeanprotour.com

Capturing media for personal use does not grant access to any restricted areas, including but not limited to, the course, the press conferences/media days, or individual access to players.

To ensure the players are not disturbed during the event, please follow these guidelines when onsite at the event:

  • Ensure cell phones are set to silent or vibrate.
  • Ensure camera shutters are silent or are not used until after players release their shots. Use of flash is not permitted.
  • Refrain from standing in the players’ line of sight.
  • Always allow players, caddies, and professional media to move from hole to hole first.
  • Always follow directions from crowd control and remain off the line of play.
  • Please refrain from asking players for autographs from 30 minutes before their round until the end the round when players have turned in their scorecards AND has been interviewed by the professional media.
  • Follow to the COVID-19 guidelines for each individual event, and understand that in order to be good citizens and a part of the solution, situations for individual events may change over time. Most up-to-date information is available from the tournament staff.

Violations of the Personal Use media policy may result in removal from the venue, with no refunds given, subject to the discretion of the Tournament Director, their designated staff, and/or the EPT staff.


NBDG is the main producer of the Disc Golf Stream live broadcasts with Kepit Systems Oy. 

MDG Media is EPT´s official feature/lead MPO and FPO lead card post-production media partner. MDG Media team will be filming all of the EPT events. 

Zona Disc Golf will be releasing all EPT event final rounds with Spanish commentary in collaboration with MDG Media.

KJ Disc – Copenhagen Open MPO Chase Card Media Partner.

Any person who does not wish to be filmed should make themselves known to the EPT or the Tournament Director to give notice of their wish not to be filmed. By registering for the event as a player, you agree to being on the film. By spectating near the feature card(s), you agree to being on the film, and you can be exposed to public media releases from the events.


During the first rounds of each event, a feature card will be formed by invitations. Feature card(s) are designated groups that will be filmed to live broadcast and post-productions.

Feature card has four (4) spots and are picked by the EPT staff with the following criteria.

  • Event’s last year winner
  • Title partner sponsored player
  • Local player
  • EPT Tour Pass -holder (prioritized outside nationality of above)


More information about Media Policy:

Juha Kytö – Media Manager and CEO