EPT is proudly announcing a new Tour Partnership with Dynamic Discs known for its great discs, overwhelming customer service, and running the biggest and best events in the world.


EPT CEO Juha Kytö comments:
“Dynamic Discs is a concrete example of hard work, dedication and always wanting to deliver the best. This leads to explicit growth and builds a reputation that you can count on. 

Jeremy Rusco and all the Dynamic Discs family have helped us in the past years in many events, including the biggest one for us, Tyyni where Doug Bjerkaas (TD of Glass Blown Open/Dynamic Discs Open) has been a huge help in the starting years and always been an inspiration to our work.

I am happy that DD continues to support and believe the path we are now creating at the professional disc golf scene in Europe.”


Dynamic Discs CEO & Founder Jeremy Rusco greeting Team Trilogy Members at Tyyni 2018

Dynamic Discs wide lineup of discs will be featured in EPT Store and in the events FlyMart with EPT special releases and limited editions.


Get to know Dynamic Discs
Website https://dynamicdiscs.com/