EPT introducing Tour Pass for season 2023 

EPT Tour Pass program will be launched in 2023 for professional athletes on the European Pro Tour. The program aims to enhance player benefits, promote professionalism and player experience, and introduce elements that will be expanded and developed in future years. 

The main goal for the season 2023 is to simplify the registration process for players attending all or most of the EPT events by entering all the events at once with the possibility of a full refund and create a symposium including the athletes and EPT staff for more direct communication and development of the EPT and the Tour Pass.

Qualified players will receive full details on Tour Passes for 2023 via email that they have registered to EPT events 2022. Invitations to the registration process will be sent at the latest on the 7th of November 2022.

Here is a complete list of benefits and program details for 2023.


Tour Pass Benefits Overview

  • Registration to all EPT 2023 events with one simple registration.
  • Participation in EPT & Tour Pass Development with direct communication to EPT organization.
  • Prioritized position in Media picks for Press Conference, Feature Cards and other media productions and releases.
  • Access to Disc Golf Stream service and personalized promotion code for your fans.
  • Agreement to follow Enhanced Professionalism Standards and EPT Media Policy.
  • Other Discounts, Perks & Inclusions.

Qualification Criteria

  • Finished top 50 (MPO) or top 10 (FPO) in EPT 2022 final standings.
  • Active PDGA Certified Official status on Tour Pass registration and during events

Tour Pass Wild Cards

Competitors who have not qualified to receive the 2023 Tour Pass invitation but who are rated over 980 (MPO) or 880 (FPO), may apply to gain a wild card to the registration access. 

Wild Cards will not be granted without a cause. Causes include a limited competition schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel limitations, injury during the 2022 season, or other issues that affected the player’s ability to compete.

In order to apply for a Tour Pass Wild Card, please email the Tour Director Mikko Wikman (mikko.wikman@europeanprotour.com) with details regarding your request for a Wild Card. 



European Pro Tour is made for professional players and for all disc golf fans. All stops on tour fill the minimum requirements for an elite-level event and are put together with extreme professionalism and broadcast live to all the fans across the World.

During season 2023, EPT will visit Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, and as a newcomer, there is a stop in the unofficial Capital of Europe, Brussels, Belgium. The season will be finished in Spain at the end of the year. 

EPT in a nutshell:

  • Majestic three-day PDGA International A-Tier events
  • First-class venues
  • MPO and FPO only
  • Minimum 5000 € added cash in each event
  • Special tour bonuses
  • Live and post-production media coverage from all events. Final rounds streamed for free.
  • Invitations to EPT All-Stars event

Learn more about European Pro Tour here.


EPT #1 – Copenhagen Open
Copenhagen, Denmark
5.-7. May 2023
EPT #2 - Belgian Open
Brussels, Belgium
19.-21. May 2023
EPT #3 – Estonian Open
Korvemaa, Estonia
2.-4. June 2023
EPT #4 – Nokia Open
Nokia, Finland
9.-11. June 2023
EPT #5 – Tyyni Open
Sipoo, Finland
30. June - 2. July 2023
EPT #6 – Turku Open
Turku, Finland
13.-15. July 2023
EPT #7 - Järva Open
Stockholm, Sweden
28.-30. July 2023
EPT All-Stars – Spain
Fuengirola, Spain
27-29. October 2023


The Disc Golf Stream -service will provide high-quality multi-camera live streams from all EPT main events and All-Stars event.

From each event there is a free livestream from Press Conference -1 day before the event and live broadcasts from all rounds with separate streams of FPO and MPO divisions play. Watch it all live on Disc Golf Stream. Final rounds are broadcasted for free on Disc Golf Stream -service and Youtube -channel.

Disc Golf Stream homepage:

MDG Media will produce high-quality post-produced coverage from all events and highlight clips on their social media channels. Subscribe to MDG Media Youtube -channel for free content from all EPT events.